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Asleep At The Wheel
"Oh, You Pretty Woman" lyrics

Oh, You Pretty Woman

I know a gal that's awful sweet
I'm telling you she can't be beat
Oh, you pretty woman
With lots of this and plenty of that
And a motorcar and a ten room flat
Oh, you pretty woman

She's looking for a sweetie
And I think she picked on me
I tried my best to get away
But she wouldn't let me be
And this gal you must hear more about
I'm gonna stand right up and shout
Oh, you pretty woman

I only held her hand but once
And I was weak for months and months
Oh, you pretty woman
One time she sat up on my lap
And I just had to yell kerpow
Oh, you pretty woman

She locked me in her boudoir
And started straight for me
But I just fought and kicked and screamed
Till she let me be
We won't be married till the spring
But mother's told me everything
Oh, you pretty woman

Now you should see just how she's built
One look at her and boy you'll wilt
Oh, you pretty woman
With lots of these and plenty of those
And boy, oh boy those sweaty clothes
Oh, you pretty woman

I never kiss her more than once
Unless she just demands it
And when she holds me close so dear
I like it but I can't stand it
She took me riding in her coup
She made my heart go boop boopy doop
Oh, you pretty woman