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Asleep At The Wheel
"You And Me Instead" lyrics

You And Me Instead

I had to call you
I know
It's one a.m.
The late, late show
Is sad but I'm glad
That it's about to end

Yeah, I've been drinking
And I'm tired
But I am too blue
To go to bed
Oh, I wish that me
And our TV
Were you and me instead

The old night movie starting
Oh, and there's a leading man
He just kissed his leading lady
Oh, he's surely one lucky man

Now he's apologizing
For all the stupid
Things he said
And I wish that she
And lucky he
Were you and me instead

But you and me
We're both alone
And it's
A crying shame
That we're too proud
To cry out loud
But we're not
Too proud to blame

What good is pride
When you wake up
By the cold
Side of the bed?
Let's make up
And let's wake up
With you and me instead

Yes, I'm apologizing
For all the stupid
Things that I said
And I'd like to trade
This hurt charade
For you and me instead