Mαcαcα Lγrιcs

Barbara Mandrell
"Right Back Feeling Like A Woman" lyrics

Right Back Feeling Like A Woman

When you put me down
The word got around
And it wasn't long until I found
Every man that came around
Had one thing on his mind

They looked at me
Like so much dirt
Which only added to the hurt
I never knew
The world was so unkind

I went to work in a tavern
The hours were long
And the pay was short
And I waited
Hoping you'd walk through the door
In just one night I overheard
More sly remarks and dirty words
Than I'd ever heard
In my whole life before

And if I ever needed someone
It was then
If not to love me
To least have been my friend
That's when he came to me
And picked me up
From where you let me fall
And had me right back feeling like a woman
In no time at all

And when I really needed someone
Where were you
Who were you holding
When my world was falling through
He stood beside me
When you left me standing back
Against the wall
And had me right back feeling like a woman
I'm right back feeling like a woman
After all