Mαcαcα Lγrιcs

Bobby Bare
"Miller's Cave" lyrics

Miller's Cave

Way down in
The state of Georgia
Amongst the swamps
And the everglades
There's a big old hole
In Tiger Mountain
God, help the men
Who gets lost in Miller's Cave

I had me a girl
In Waycross, Georgia
But she had
Unfaithful ways
She made me feel
I was unwanted
Like the bats
And the bears in Miller's Cave

I caught her out
Sunday morning
With some guy
They call Big Dave
The meanest man
In Waycross, Georgia
I'd rather fight
A mountain lion in Miller's Cave

So I said
You're gonna pay
Both you and Davy
Cause I'm gonna see you
In your grave
They laughed at me
And then I shot them
And then I dragged their cheating skin and bones
Into Miller's Cave

I couldn't stand
The way she did me
Well, I guess I showed
Her I was brave
The most wanted man
In the state of Georgia
They'll never gonna find me
Cause I'm lost
In Miller's Cave

Authors: Jack Clement