Mαcαcα Lγrιcs

Carl Perkins
"The Star Of The Show" lyrics

The Star Of The Show

The star of the show
Won'be on tonight

The crowd was patiently waiting
As the man stepped up to the microphone
Silence fell on the bandstand
It was time for the star to come on

And then he said
"Ladies and gentlemen
May I have your attention, please?

There is something I have to tell you
So please stand and we'll turn on the lights
The news just came that a tragedy happened
And the star of the show
Won't be on tonight"

And he said
"Friends, it's with deep regrets and sorrow
That I hold this telegram
You see, folks
I'm the one they called on to tell you
That we just lost a mighty, mighty great man
He was on his way to our city
When the crash on the road took his life
All it's by hits in the sad occasion
Cause the star of the show
He won't be on tonight"

No, the star of the show
Won'be on tonight