Mαcαcα Lγrιcs

Hank Thompson
"Ace In The Hole" lyrics

Ace In The Hole

This world is full of guys
Who think they're mighty wise
Who'd like to change the way
Our country's run
These hippies and demonstrators
Draft-dodgers and agitators
Want old age benefits at twenty-one

You see them everyday
From New York to LA
But you never see them on
The old payroll
They drive foreign cars and Mustangs
Wears sandals, beads and such things
But they all have an ace
Down in the hole

Some of them get paid
For parades with protest signs
That's their old ace down in the hole
Others have friends
In the old welfare line
That's their old ace down in the hole

There's not a college campus
They can't overrun
From Harvard
Down to the Cotton Bowl
But shave away their beards
And wash behind their ears
Then they'd lose
That old ace down in the hole

They'll brag about riots
They participated in
From Florida
Up to the old North Pole
And if we stop our giving
They'd have to earn a living
And they'd lose that old ace
Down in the hole

Authors: Hank Thompson, Merle Travis