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Hank Thompson
"Happy Oklahoma" lyrics

Happy Oklahoma

Happy Oklahoma
That's the name of my hometown
They laugh and joke
If they're rich or broke
Cause it's against the law to frown

Everybody treats you right
Everyday the big fish bite
Where even the cats and dogs don't fight
In happy Oklahoma

You see the cattle grazing
By the oil wells on the hill
But you always see a lot more smiles
Than you ever see dollar bills

Everyday's like New Year's Eve
With the mistletoe and all the trees
When I get back I'll never leave
Old happy Oklahoma

Happy Oklahoma
A town everyone enjoys
The girls like guys
Wear Levi's
But you can tell that they're not boys

We work when there's work to do
But we got a lot of play time too
And the politicians all have a barbecue
In the happy Oklahoma

We once had a little jailhouse
Right in the center of town
But we never had any use for it
So we tore the darn thing down

Sometime it forgets to rain
But you hear no one complain
Cause the water in the well tastes like champagne
In a happy Oklahoma

My baby doll is waiting there
Soon she'll say "I do"
Then I'll spend my happy life
Just a making her happy too

I'm going back right away
And live till judgement day
I'll beg Saint Peter to let me stay
In a happy Oklahoma

Live till judgement day
Beg Saint Peter to let me stay
In happy Oklahoma

Authors: Hank Thompson, William Penix