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Hank Thompson
"Here's To Country Music" lyrics

Here's To Country Music

Now here's to country music
I remember way back when
You'd tune in the Grand Ole Opry
Hear the best it was back then
I'd listen to the fiddle
Banjos and guitars
And what a thrill to hear the song
Were those famous country stars

There was a Hayride down in Shreveport
Wasn't all in Tennessee
There was a Barn Dance in Chicago
And the Big D Jamboree
There was Western Swing from Tulsa
And the Hillbilly Hit Parade
And on the jukeboxes in the honky tonks
That's all they ever played

Now, Houston had it's Hoedown
To everyone's delight
And Wheeling, West Virginia
Aired it every Saturday night
You could hear it late in the evening
Just tune in your radio
To one of them border stations
From down in Mexico

Now way out west
They claimed the best
That there was on the country scene
Recording stars and fancy cars
And on the silver screen
Rhinestone suits and hand-tooled boots
That sparkled on the stage
They'd pick and grin
And pack them in
There were fans of every age

But now I dial and listen
To music I'm not knowing
To someone else who tells me
"Well, that's country you enjoy"
Well, I'm so glad he told me
That eliminates my fear
I thought my radio was busted
Or something had happened to my ears

They say that things have got to change
That's the name of the game
They also say the more things change
The more they stay the same
So here's the Brazos Valley Boys
To play it like we used to do
And here's to country music
Just for me and you

So here's to country music
Just for me and you

Authors: Hank Thompson