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Hank Thompson
"Hey George, Hey Hank" lyrics

Hey George, Hey Hank

(With George Jones)

Hey, George
Would you like to sing a country song?
Yeah, Hank
I'm as country as the day is long

Can you sing about drinking
Heartaches and misery?
There ain't nobody, Hank
Who knows it any better than me

We can sing those songs
About the honky tonks
And the girls we used to know
About the tours we made
And the jumps we played
And somewhere old possum didn't show

You know, George
It's been a tough old game to win
Well, that's right, Hank
But I'd do it all over again

Hey, Hank
Now you've had your share of trouble and woes?
Well, like you, George
They won't play me on the radio
Yes, Hank
I know what you say is true
But the fans out there
They love everything we do

So let's keep on doing
What we've always done
And most folks will agree
It's got my heart in tone
And it's real homegrown
Like country music ought to be

Hey, George
Yeah, Hank
I think we've stood the test of time
But just look at the history
Hank, we're gonna leave behind

Everybody knows just who we are
Cause we sing our very own style
It's yours and mine
And it's one of a kind
And it's country by country mile

Hey, George
Do you think
We oughtta stake our playing?
Yes, sir Hank
Do the Country Music Hall of Fame

The Country Music Hall of Fame

Authors: Hank Thompson