Mαcαcα Lγrιcs

Hank Thompson
"Little Blossom" lyrics

Little Blossom

Oh dear, I'm so tired and so lonely
I wonder why mommy don't come
She told me to close
My pretty blue eyes
And when I awoke she'd be home

I guess I'll go out and find daddy
I think he went down to the store
That big long room filled with bottles
I wish that he'd go there no more

Sometimes he's so sick when he comes home
He staggers and falls on the ground
One night when he came in the parlor
He kicked my poor dolly around

But I love him and I guess I'll go find him
I know he would gladly come home
Then it won't be so dark and so lonesome
While waiting for mommy to come

His red eyes gazed wild when she found him
Her sweet smiling face was still fair
But too late the demon possessed him
For he grabbed at the back of a chair

In a moment the whole thing was over
The work of the beast was complete
And a poor little innocent blossom
Lay dying at her daddy's feet