Mαcαcα Lγrιcs

Hank Thompson
"Mr. And Mrs. Snowman" lyrics

Mr. And Mrs. Snowman

Mister and missis Snowman
Out on my front lawn
Stands all day
And melts away
And soon they'll both be gone

Mister and missis Snowman
Happy as can be
Though they know
They'll have to go
Here's something that they told me

"We pray for snowplows in the sky
To let the snowflakes fall
Though we'll be leaving by and by
We want a little snowman most of all"

Today I looked out my window
It filled me with delight
Now there's a little snowman
Cause it snowed again last night

Mister and missis Snowman
Seem to wink at me
The snow and sleet
Makes so complete
Their little family

Though their hearts
Are made of ice
I'll bet they're really warm
The chunks of coal
They have for eyes
Twinkle in the winter storm

When the sun comes shining through
They won't like that at all
But I'll bet
They'll smile and say
We'll be back together
When the snowflakes fall

Mister and missis Snowman
You're such a happy sight
I'm so glad
To see you there
Together on Christmas night

Mister and missis Snowman
Together on Christmas night