Mαcαcα Lγrιcs

Hank Thompson
"Signs Of Love" lyrics

Signs Of Love

I guess we all get caught up
Just in living
Sometimes we're just too close to things
To see
But now I've learned to look around
And see the signs that I have found
That show the way
My woman feels for me
They're signs of love

I see the coat she mended
In the closet
And all the shirts she's ironed
Lay on the shelf
Then I think how she works all day long
And just before I get back home
She runs and tries to pretty up herself
They're signs of love

Signs of love in the morning
When she's smiling down at me
And the smell of her good coffee
Fills the air

Signs of love in the evening
When I come back home to see
The paper waiting
By my favorite chair

The wrinkled hands from washing
All the dishes
The aching of her body
From the strain
Of all the years of sacrifice
To help us have a better life
And knowing that she'd do it
All again
They're signs of love

Authors: Ben Peters