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Hank Thompson
"Window In My Heart" lyrics

Window In My Heart

I'd like to build a window
In my heart
So that you could see a storm
About to start

The wind would blow away
Those sweet words you used to say
Words like "I love you"
And "I'll always be true"

I'd like to build this window
Deep and wide
So that you could see the hurt
Down deep inside

And a special seat for you
With a panoramic view
You'd see a dream world fall apart
Through the window in my heart

Through a window in my heart
The world could see
Just exactly what your leaving's
Done to me

You'd see the scenes go by
From the first time that I cried
The window would reveal
All the heartaches that I feel

It would be just like a television screen
Where a tragedy of romance
Could be seen

The drama would unfold
My sad story would be told
We'd watch you play your part
To the finish from the start
A heartbreakers work of art
Through the window in my heart

Authors: Dal Perkins