Mαcαcα Lγrιcs

Hank Williams
"The Blind Child's Prayer" lyrics

The Blind Child's Prayer

Oh father tonight they say you are
To wed another bride
That you will hold her in your arms
Where my dear mother died

They say her name is Mary too
The name my mother bore
But father is she kind and true
Like the one we loved before

And is her footstep soft and light
Her voice so meek and mild
And father do you think she'll love
Your blind and helpless child

Oh father do not bid me come
To welcome your new made bride
I could not greet her in the room
Where my dear mother died

But when I've cried myself to sleep
As I so often do
Into my chamber you may creep
My new made mama and you

He turned away to leave the room
A joyful cry was given
He turned about and he knew at last
His blind child had gone to Heaven

They buried her by her mother's side
And erected a marble square
And there on the tomb these words do read
She'll not be blind up there