Mαcαcα Lγrιcs

Johnny Cash
"Next In Line" lyrics

Next In Line

The next in line will be
Someone who loves you
The next in line is me
Cause it's my time
Now how long will it be
Till you end my misery
You better be prepared to linger
When you get to me

The time has come for you to love me
If you ever are
Come to me now
So I can make you mine
I watched them rush to you so fast
I waited so I'd be the last
It's my time
Cause I'm the next in line

The next in line
Will want your love forever
The next in line
Is me and here I am
Give me a day or two
And I'll get through to you
You'd been my baby long ago
If you'd turned down a few

This old heart can't take much more
Waiting for your love
I'm tired and we're running
Short of time
I'll make you love me more
Than everyone before
It's my time to try
Cause I'm the next in line

I stood and watched you take their hearts
And break them one by one
My time is coming
So I waited while you had your fun
Now I'm through a-waiting way behind
It's my time
Cause I'm the next in line