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Johnny Cash
"Sing It Pretty, Sue" lyrics

Sing It Pretty, Sue

So you gave up all between us
For a glamorous career
And with all your talent you should be
The big star of the year

Then you'll be public property
So I release my claim to you
Go on and give them all you've got
Sing it pretty, Sue

I can't take just part of you
And give the world a half
So smile for all the papers
And give them autographs
Go on to all the cities
So your public can see you
But I'll watch on television
So sing it pretty, Sue

I hope you'll soon be on the top
Of every hitparade
I'll try to be excited
About the progress that you've made

I'll collect your pictures
Like any fan would do
And I'll buy all your records
So sing it pretty, Sue

But I won't ever tell a soul
That we have ever met
I'll just be one of millions
Who'll give the praise you get

And maybe every year or so
I'll drop a card to you
To tell you I'm still listening
So sing it pretty, Sue