Mαcαcα Lγrιcs

Justin Tubb
"Hurry, Mr. Peters" lyrics

Hurry, Mr. Peters

Hello, dear
Is the coast clear?
Are you all alone?
Yes, I am
Mister Peters
At last my husband's gone

Did he use me
As an excuse again
For going out?
You're right, Mister Peters
And I almost laughed out loud

Oh, don't he know
You can see right
Through his little game?
Well, I guess not
Mister Peters
He still calls her by your name

If it weren't for you
I'd have fired that fool
Long ago
Think how I feel, Mister Peters
Why I married him
I don't know

Well, are you sure
He won't suspect you
Spent these hours with me?
While he's out slipping round with her
He thinks I'm watching my TV

I just hope
He won't get back home
Till after ten
He'll be late
Mister Peters
And he'll blame you once again

Well, I'll hang up
Cause I can't wait to be
With you once more
Please hurry, Mister Peters
I'll be waiting at the door

Please hurry, Mister Peters
I'll meet you at the door