Mαcαcα Lγrιcs

Justin Tubb
"I'd Know You Anywhere" lyrics

I'd Know You Anywhere

Your lips look hard and cold now
They once were soft and warm
And I can see
That misery
Has got you by the arms

Your eyes tell me the story
You've really been around
Now you're back home
But no one
Even noticed that you're in town

But I do
Cause I used to care
I used to love you
And I'd know you anywhere

You walk familiar streets now
But you look out of place
The life you've had
Since you went bad
Is written on your face

You used to hold your head high
But now it bowes in shame
And friends who used
To know you well
Don't even know your name

But I do
Cause I used to care
And I guess I still love you
So I'd know you anywhere