Mαcαcα Lγrιcs

Justin Tubb
"Stranger At The Funeral" lyrics

Stranger At The Funeral

The church is filled with people
The crowd is moving slow
They're mourning over someone
I'm not supposed to know

He's not my next door neighbor
And I can't call him friend
You see, about three years ago
I fell in love with him

These three years we have hidden
What people would call shame
We've had to slip around because
I couldn't wear his name

It seemed I always loved him
Too much to stop this wrong
Now that I've said goodbye at last
I can't believe he's gone

The preacher now is telling
A few things of his life
His parents are still living
And so is his wife

Right now I'd like to tell him
That my name should be called
For out of all of those who care
I loved him most of all

He's offering consolation
To those he thinks are close
To me he gives no comfort
Yet I'll miss him the most

But they think I'm a stranger
So let them think a lie
But when I walk away from him
They'll see the stranger cry