Mαcαcα Lγrιcs

Justin Tubb
"Suffering Heart" lyrics

Suffering Heart

Suffering heart
Don't cry
It'll get better by and by
I know that she'll be coming
Back some day
Suffering heart
Quit your wheeping
It's time you try
A little sleeping
Cause it won't help
No matter what you say

Now I know things will get better
But we gotta take it kinda slow
Cause after all we've done our best
So now it's up to her, you know

Suffering heart
Quit your crying
You know it's time
You started trying
To feel a little better, suffering heart

Suffering heart
Stop and thunder
There's better things
Just over yonder
Cause she'll wake up and find
That she was wrong
Suffering heart
She'll be returning
Because I know
That she is learning
Just how it feels
To be so all alone

Now I know that she disowns you
And things are looking mighty black
But if you will just have patience now
You're bound to get her back

Suffering heart
Quit feeling lonely
Cause very soon
Your one and only
Will be coming back
To claim you, suffering heart