Mαcαcα Lγrιcs

Justin Tubb
"Traveling Singing Man" lyrics

Traveling Singing Man

Packed my big grey suitcase
Here I go again
Take care of things
I'll call you when I can

And thanks for understanding
I know how hard it's been
Loving this old traveling
Singing man

It takes a special woman
And that's just what you've been
I only hope you know
I understand

The sacrifice you've made, dear
Time and time again
Just to love this traveling
Singing man

This crazy life I've chosen
I know is hard on you
Don't know how you
Can take it sometimes
But thank God you do

Cause boy, it sure gets lonesome
Moving town to town
Another show
Another one night stand

And all that keeps me going
Is knowing that you're there
Waiting for your traveling
Singing man

And loving this old traveling
Singing man