Mαcαcα Lγrιcs

Justin Tubb
"You'd Never Be Happy With Me" lyrics

You'd Never Be Happy With Me

I've seen the change
In you, darling
In just a short time
I've been gone
You seem so happy
Without me
That I guess we
Should leave it alone

That's not the way
That I wanted
But I guess that's the way
It should be
I'd give the whole world
To come back
But you'd never
Be happy with me

I'll take the blame
For it, darling
And I guess I'm still
Hurting you yet
I know you could probably
Forgive me
Oh, but I know you
Could never forget

So if you can recall
Any good times
Then hold them
In sweet memories
And go out and find you
A new love
Cause you'd never
Be happy with me

No, you'd never
Be happy with me