Mαcαcα Lγrιcs

Lazlo Bane
"Unbelievable" lyrics


Don't follow me
Unless you wanna have it all
Just finally wash away downstream
Take my advice
You better get to know
The devil when he
Takes you out for dinner
Champagne and the bottle of wine

Now it's all
Almost unbelievable
You can't wait to show all
Your shiny new stead of wills
Mom, I signed my first
New record deal

So quit your job
You'll never make it
With the fall back
Down on Santa Monica
Take my advice
You'll have a better chance in lotto
Well, we really love your demos
I'm talking bullshit aside

Now it's all
Almost unbelievable
Call up your friends and
Tell them a lot about the deal
And how you spending
All your money in the studio
With a producer
Who's sound is gunjo
But in two years later
They don't play it on the radio

Really love your demos
Sign on the all dotted line

Don't follow me
Don't follow me

It's all
Almost unbelievable
Almost unbelievable