Mαcαcα Lγrιcs

Linda Ronstadt
"Don't Cry Now" lyrics

Don't Cry Now

If you've ever been taken for money
If you've ever gone down with your pride
If you've ever stood up
For a good friend and lost
You know that the river is wide

Like a painter
Who waits for the sunrise
With a picture
In both of his hands
It's like part of your life
Is already begun
With something
That you don't understand

But don't cry now
Oh, don't cry now
Don't cry now
No, don't cry now

When you're lying
Alone in the nighttime
And your loneliness
Turns into fear
With the words of your memory
Failing and falling
You're drowning
In a river of tears

Don't cry now
Ooh, don't cry now

If you've ever thought much about freedom
You might find yourself
Caught in some door
With somebody you love
Holding your homeward hand
And you've been weeping
But you don't know what for

But don't cry now
Ooh, don't cry now
Don't cry now
Ooh, don't cry now
Don't cry now
Woah, don't cry now