Mαcαcα Lγrιcs

Linda Ronstadt
"Prisoner In Disguise" lyrics

Prisoner In Disguise

(With J. D. Souther)

You think the love
You never had
Might save you
But true love takes
A little time
You can touch it with your fingers
And try to believe your eyes
Is it love or lies?

So you're keeping your distance
A little bit of room around you
But if he doesn't return
Your call on time
Oh, my my
You just act like a fool
On a holiday
There's nothing
That you wouldn't try
You must be a prisoner
In disguise

Well, this night life
Is my life
But there's no one else in it
And sometimes those lonesome breezes blow
But it's no show
So you might as well go
If you think you could win it
Without losing
And letting it show

The city is no place to hide in
Everybody knows your number
And you know that
You could never be alone
If you tried
You just run like a man
With no reason to run
And no place to ever arrive

You must be a prisoner
Look just like a prisoner
Well, you must be a prisoner
In disguise