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Norah Jones
"How I Weep" lyrics

How I Weep

How I
How I
Weep for the loss
And it creeps down my chin
For the heart and the hair
And the skin and the air
That swirls itself
Around the bare

How I weep
How I weep
How I weep and I sleep
And I march and I dance
And I sing and I laugh
And I laugh and I laugh

But inside
But inside
Inside I weep
Inside I weep and I weep
For a loss
That's so deep
That it hardens and turns
Into stone

There it stays
And rolls through bones
Till they crumble
And the earth doesn't spin
It's got no way to win

And the stars stare down
With sad clown faces
And they taunt me
They taunt me

So I run and I run
And I run and I run
But I've nowhere to go
Except into the sun

And I weep for the loss
And the loss weeps for me
The loss weeps for me

Then it whacks me straight into
My stomach at night
It's a hard blow to take
With all of its might
And it tries to be sorry
It tries to be sweet
Then it runs out the door
As if on two feet

And I stand there and wonder
When will I be free
Then I realized I held it
It never held me

It had to hurt me
To finally be gone
Cause I made the mistake
Of dragging it on
And I wonder
What kind of person am I
Who weeps for a loss
But can't tell it goodbye

How I
How I weep
How I weep
How I weep

How I
How I weep
How I weep
How I weep

Authors: Norah Jones