Mαcαcα Lγrιcs

"A Day At The Mother-In-Law's" lyrics

A Day At The Mother-In-Law's

Mother dear
Mother dear
Mother dear

The sky is getting cloudy
And it looks a lot
Like it might start to rain
So pick up your bag
And your plastic mac
While I phone your mother again
To tell her we'll still
Come over

Mother dear
It's nice to hear from you again
Mother dear
Don't speak now
We'll be over
As soon as we can

Heading out the front door
Say good morning
To the neighbours passing by
Then it caught my eye
The bus we needed
The bus one hundred and nine
That takes us right outside

Mother dear
It's nice to see you smiling face
Again once more
Mother dear
The time has flown
And I'm afraid
We'll have to go

Waving from the window
See that lonely look
Glistening in her eye
As we head back home
She is left alone
Till next week at the same time
Until the goodbye

Goodbye, mother dear
Goodbye, mother dear

Authors: Alan Silson