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"Power Of Love" lyrics

Power Of Love

When you can't sleep nights and you wonder why
Without a friend you wanna die
Situation, desperation
All you want is sympathy
And sympathy is all you'll get
You ain't found nothing yet
Till you found the power of love

Your beauty ain't so hard to see
Your looks can make a fool of me
Say the things I wanna hear
Tell me it won't disappear
But I won't know until I find
If there is any truth behind
What you call the power of love

It takes you, it makes you
Sometimes it breaks you
It fills you and thrills you
Sometimes it kills you

But I've been looking so hard to find it
Always following close behind it
It ain't been no friend of mine
And I ain't giving it no more time

Nothing you can do about this
You will never live without it
This is the power of love
This is the power of love

Authors: Nicky Chinn, Mike Chapman